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Liability Conditions
Reefwalker Charters offer Eco – Adventure and fishingcharters involving some physical activity and adventure itineraries, andis a personal choice. This being the case, Reefwalker Charters expects each passenger understands any risks involved and is personally able to accept such risks as part of the charter offered. Reefwalker Charters shall not be liable for any death, personal injury, or loss or damage to property.

All passengers shall comply with any direction given for the safety of the vessel and comfort of passengers and agree that wilful non-compliance with such directions may result in an immediate return to the embarkment point without refund. It is a condition of booking and undertaking a charter that any passenger indemnify Reefwalker Charters for all wilful damage caused by any such non-compliant passenger.

All passengers of Reefwalker Charters shall be liable for any costs associated with repairs and/or replacement of the vessel and/or equipment which occurs as a result of wilful damage.

Weather Conditions
Reefwalker Charters endeavour to operate all charters in safe and appropriate weather conditions. Weather is monitored closely at all times and in the event the conditions are considered to be unsafe Reefwalker Charters reserve the right to cancel charters up until the intended departure time. All effort is made to give as much prior notice of cancellation as possible but no liability is accepted for inconvenience or last minute change of charter plans by Reefwalker Charters. Passengers have the option to be refunded their payment in full or to reschedule a booking for another charter date in this instance.

Passenger Information
Reefwalker Charters recommend comfortable clothing of a lightweight material for most days and occasions. It is recommended to bring along a jumper and /or windproof jacket as the conditions at sea are often harsher than what you will experience on land. Reefwalker Charters have the right to ask any passenger to wear a life jacket at any time.

Reefwalker Charters recommend appropriate coveredshoes to be worn at all times during the charter.

Children Onboard
Reefwalker Charters requests that children on board are supervised by a parent/guardian at all times. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must enforce that their child/children abide by Reefwalker Charter’s rules & regulations that are explained during the safety brief prior to departure. Children are prohibited from the fly bridge and wheel house/cabin of the vessel at all times due to safety reasons.

Sea Sickness
It is recommended passengers use seasickness tablets according to personal needs. In the event a passenger gets seasick, Reefwalker Charters cannot bring any passenger back to the embarkment point until the charter is completed.Seasickness is a personal health ailment &Reefwalker Charters are not responsible or obliged to give any refunds or offer an alternate outing to any passenger who may experience seasickness during a charter.

Reefwalker Charters do not supply sea sickness tablets.

Fishing Equipment
Reefwalker Charters provide all fishing gear and tackle, baitand ice. If any gear belonging to Reefwalker Charters is misplaced, lost at sea, or deliberately damaged the cost of replacement value canbe passed on to the passenger involved.Passengers are welcome to bring their own fishing gear and Reefwalkeroffice staff isavailable to discuss this with you at the time of booking. Reefwalker Charters is not responsible for any personal equipment brought on board this charter.

Smoking is not permitted throughout the vessel and only asmall area outside will be designated as available for passengers to smoke cigaretteswhere respect and care to the environment is essential.


Alcohol Policy
Reefwalker Charters permits passengers to bring their own alcohol on board and this will need to be discussed prior to departure with Reefwalker office. Reefwalker Charters reserves the right to refuse alcohol to any passenger at any time during the charter.If any passenger arrives under the influence of alcohol, Reefwalker Charters have the right to refuse boarding to such a passenger.Any abusive or inappropriate behaviouron board, while under the influence of alcohol, or indeed at any time, will give Reefwalker Charters the right to organize the removal from charter of such a passenger, or indeedterminate the charter completely. Refund of charter cost is not applicable in any way in this instance.

Reefwalker Charters emphasizethe risks of personal injury or loss of life, damage to or loss of property that can be sustained on boats. Alcohol consumption bya passenger does affect your ability to adapt to the conditions present at sea and stress the importance of minimal alcohol consumption levels.Reefwalker Charters are alleviated from any liability caused from passengers not adhering to or conforming to stated recommendations and rules outlined by crew on board the vessel.

Alcohol is preferred in cans

Reefwalker Charters permits passengers to bring their own food on board. Reefwalker Charters does not supply food and is therefore not liable for any passenger allergies or sicknesses from the consumption of food on board this charter.

Fish Guarantee
It is our mission to optimize everyone’s opportunity to catch a fish. Reefwalker Charters does not guarantee every customer catches a fish. Fishing is a sport of chance and many variables outside our control determine the catch rate.